Greening Spurstow

At the meeting of the Parish Council in September 2022 it was agreed the Spurstow Parish Council acknowledge that there is a Climate Emergency and take positive action to help make the parish more conscious of the environment.

To reduce energy use (and expense !) you may find that using LED bulbs is great idea.

Access to Tattenhall Recycling Centre.  The Clerk has spoken to both Cheshire East and Cheshire West and Chester Councils twice, and both say that their policy is firmly to restrict use of the Recycling Centres to residents of the respective Councils and we have written the letter attached to both Councils. Edward Timpson, our local MP very kindly took this up. We have had no response from Sarah Pochin, Cheshire West and Chester Council, or the operators of Tattenhall Recycling Centre

Rob Edmondson – CWR

13th December 2022

Dear Ms Shore, Ms Pochin, Mr Timpson, Mr Davies and Mr Edmondson,

On behalf of the residents of Spurstow, I write to appeal for the right of the residents to take their refuse to the Tattenhall Recycling Centre.

At a meeting of Spurstow Parish Council in September this year, it was unanimously agreed that Spurstow Parish Council should declare a Climate Emergency, to include measures to Develop and promote green transport plans, including safe routes to school, and reduce waste and recycle as much as possible, both as a Council and by promoting recycling in the local community. One of the most obvious ways to push towards these targets in Spurstow would be to ask our local representatives to apply all their influence with Cheshire West and Chester Council to allow greater access to our nearest Recycling Centre, which is in Tattenhall, thus it was unanimously resolved to pursue this.

We fully appreciate that we are in Cheshire East and Tattenhall Recycling Centre lies in Cheshire West, however there is a situation that is contra to anti-pollution efforts and the effect on the planet.

From a mileage point of view and depending on the start point it can be argued that the distance between Spurstow to Tattenhall Recycling Centre and Spurstow to Crewe Recycling Centre in Pyms Lane is marginal, however Tattenhall IS closer and we understand that the Crewe centre is about to move further away as Bentley Motors have bought the land in Pyms Lane where the Crewe Recycling Centre now lies.

However, from a time/engine running and pollution point of view Tattenhall is 10 minutes away with a clear drive through the lanes and Crewe is a 45 minutes journey away when traffic and queueing is taken into account.

We have had dialogue with some of your colleagues and have not been able to make any progress.

We now would very much like the opportunity to escalate this issue and have a discussion with a higher level of authority/decision maker.

We write in the hope that, as it says on Cheshire West Recycling’s website, no idea is a bad idea , and that in the spirit of welcoming challenge, you will allow common sense and protection of our environment will  prevail over bureaucracy regarding this issue of Local, National and International interest.

Yours faithfully

Chris Jones

Clerk to the Council, for Spurstow Parish Council 

The reply from Cheshire East was :-