On this page you will find maps of the Footpaths in Spurstow as well as reports on the condition of each footpath.

A file with maps of all the paths are here Spurstow Maps of all Paths

However, you may get on better with the online interactive map which is available here (Best start by searching for ‘Spurstow’ then zooming out):  Public Map Viewer

Inspections Reports on each footpath can be downloaded using the links below in the Report column. Most are as yet blank apart from the map.

If you would like to inspect a path and fill in a report please contact You can choose any path that has not been updated in the past year and is not currently being updated.


FootpathLength in MetersReportLast UpdatedDescription
FP1165Spurstow Footpath FP1 Inspection ReportBack Lane (Nursery Lane) rear of Panama Hatty’s towards Peckforton
FP2940Spurstow Footpath FP2 Inspection Report09/06/2021A49 towards Long Lane near Spurstow Hall
FP31113Spurstow Footpath FP3 Inspection ReportPeckforton Hall Lane near Southcroft to Yew Tree Farm via Haycroft
FP4252Spurstow Footpath FP4 Inspection ReportLong Lane East of Springfield towards Bunbury
FP5771Spurstow Footpath FP5 Inspection Report 09/06/2021 Long Lane just North of Spurstow Hall to Long Lane near boundary with Haughton 
FP6931Spurstow Footpath FP6 Inspection ReportNorth side of Spurstow Hall towards Hau
FP7160Spurstow Footpath FP7 Inspection ReportSouth of “Cobblestones” on Cappers Lane towards Haughton
FP8195Spurstow Footpath FP8 Inspection ReportOpposite Cappers Lane Farm West towards Long Lane
FP9262Spurstow Footpath FP9 Inspection Report
FP10975Spurstow Footpath FP10 Inspection ReportJust North of Spawood Farm on Cappers Lane South West to meet Footpath 13 at the edge of Spa Plantation
FP11711Spurstow Footpath FP11 Inspection Report
FP12800Spurstow Footpath FP12 Inspection Report
FP131128Spurstow Footpath FP13 Inspection ReportJust East of Bath House, South East past Spa Plantation to meet Brindley Footpath 5 near High Ash Farm
FP141553Spurstow Footpath FP14 Inspection Report
FP1551Spurstow Footpath FP15 Inspection ReportNursery Lane (Back Lane) south of Panama Hatty’s to A49 south of Panama Hatty’s
FP16997Spurstow Footpath FP16 Inspection ReportCappers Lane corner West of Cappers Lane Farm East towards The Dairy Farm on Long Lane
FP17111Spurstow Footpath FP17 Inspection ReportFrom Spurstow Chapel to North to meet Footpath 16
FP18386Spurstow Footpath FP18 Inspection ReportFrom A49 North of Springfield to East towards Bunbury Lane to meet Bunbury Footpath 15
FP1993Spurstow Footpath FP19 Inspection ReportEast of White Cottage on Long Lane to South West to meet Spurstow Footpath 16 near the corner of the field
FP20715Spurstow Footpath FP20 Inspection ReportFrom footpath 13 on the South West edge of Spa Plantation South west towards Ridley Green crossing footpaths 14 and 21
FP211614Spurstow Footpath FP21 Inspection ReportJust West of Lowerhall Cottage on Bathwood Lane heading South, then South West towards Ridley Bank Cottage on the A534
FP22518Spurstow Footpath FP22 Inspection ReportFrom Footpath 21 South South West towards Brindley
FP23669Spurstow Footpath FP23 Inspection ReportBathwood Lane west of Lowerhall Cottage, West towards Footpath 24
FP241336Spurstow Footpath FP24 Inspection ReportBadcock’s Lane opposite two cottages South towards footpath 25
FP25980Spurstow Footpath FP25 Inspection ReportSpurstow Lower Hall, south through farmyard then Bear right towards Ridley
FP2637Spurstow Footpath FP26 Inspection ReportThis is only about 36m long, and runs South South West from a bend in Footpath 24 to meet the end of Ridley Footpath 3 after crossing a small stream.
FP27328Spurstow Footpath FP27 Inspection ReportSpurstow Footpath 11, accessed from the corner of Cappers Lane North towards Spurstow Footpath 16
FP2835Spurstow Footpath FP28 Inspection ReportThis footpath is only 35m long. It runs North from opposite Bank Cottage on Cappers Lane to meet Haughton Footpath 6
FP29282Spurstow Footpath FP29 Inspection ReportEast of Oak Cottage on Long Lane Runs North West towards Claymore on Hall Lane
FP30122Spurstow Footpath FP30 Inspection ReportRuns West South West from opposite The Courtyard on Hall Lane towards Meadowside on Long Lane
FP3173Spurstow Footpath FP31 Inspection ReportFrom Ivy Cottage on Long Lane, East towards the drive of Brook Cottages on Hall Lane
FP32843Spurstow Footpath FP32 Inspection ReportLeads South from a point on Badcocks Lane just of the junction with Long Lane to Bathwood lane opposite Bath House
FP33172Spurstow Footpath FP33 Inspection ReportA very short path that leads from Footpath 32 South West to meet the unnamed lane that runs from the lane that runs between Pinfold Cottage towards Coxey Green
FP34367Spurstow Footpath FP34 Inspection ReportLeads East as a continuation of Footpath 33 from the lane that runs between Pinfold Cottage towards Coxey Green Meets Badcocks Lane near to Fields Farm
FP35108Spurstow Footpath FP35 Inspection ReportNorth of Broom Butts Heads East to meet Haughton Footpath 4
FP36252Spurstow Footpath FP36 Inspection ReportHeads North from the corner of Long Lane just East of Oaklands to meet Bunbury footpath 18 at the end of the track
FP37199Spurstow Footpath FP37 Inspection Reportthen runs South East to meet Brindley Footpath 24 Hall Lane opposite Brook Cottage
FP3817Spurstow Footpath FP38 Inspection ReportA really short path that runs about 17m to the north of the garden of Keepers Cottage to part
FP39233Spurstow Footpath FP39 Inspection ReportRidley Footpath 5 – Ridley footpath 5 runs north from the A534 near Ridley Bank Farm to Ridley Footpath 6
FP400Spurstow Footpath FP40 Inspection ReportThere appears to be no Path 40
FP4120Spurstow Footpath FP41 Inspection ReportThis path is a very short extension (10-15metres or so) of Bunbury Footpath 18 South to meet Spurstow Footpath 25 at the corner of the track to the East of The Oaklands on Long Lane